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The Dali Museum

The Dali Museum

Anyone who enjoys visiting museums and unique art available should check out the Dali Museum in St. Pete, FL. Ever since its opening in 1982, the museum has attracted a lot of people from all over the world to come and experience the amazing works of art. The Dali Museum has established a long-term foothold in St Pete and is now housed in a new building. The new building designed by world-famous architect Yann Weymouth was opened in 2011. This amazing new building is designed to withstand a category five hurricane.

Planning Your Visit to Dali Museum

All visitors are required to have advance tickets. However, you can still get tickets on the same day as you want to visit the museum. Those who want advance tickets can have them reserved up to 60 days earlier. These tickets get you to access to the Salvador Dali collection, special exhibitions, gardens, and so much more.

The tickets’ prices may vary based on the season and the type of ticket you get. There is also a chance of getting group tickets to save even more.

What to See in Dali Museum

The museum has both permanent pieces and also special exhibitions based on the calendar of events. The permanent collection includes some of Dali’s master works. These masterworks alone are worth the visit.

The special exhibits are where artists are welcomed to showcase what they have created over the last year. Each of the exhibitions have a theme the artists follow. So, expect to find quite an interesting array of collections on display during such days.

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