Dr Ashley Martin

Dr. Ashley graduated magna cum laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic and holds advanced certifications and training beyond her graduate degree. Her passion for the profession drives her to continuously attend seminars to learn the newest advances in order to best serve the community using techniques backed by scientific research.

Dr. Ashley specializes in structural correction using a combination of techniques such as Pettibon, CBP, Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson drop, and Webster all dependent upon patient needs.

She is dedicated to helping patients achieve and maintain optimal health using the 5 Beams of Life which are the five factors that must be taken into account in order to reach one’s full God-given potential and function at 100%.

Natalie Maike

Natalie graduated from The Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in August 2019. Her niche within bodywork is medical-grade, therapeutic massage. 

Her focus is on correcting posture, creating space in the body, and pain reduction. She utilizes several different modalitlies to individualize treatments for her clients so they achieve the most benefits in a session!

With being an LMT, she is also a reiki master, certified in medical cupping and has 2+ years of experience as a holistic chef for private clients. Wellness is her passion and is excited to get to know you and work with you!

Amber Harrington​

Amber is a massage therapist and skin care specialist. She has been licensed for over 8 years. Graduating in 2012 from the Florida College of Natural Health with a degree in Natural Health.

Specializing in massage techniques to help obtain structural alignment; including deep tissue, cupping, myofascial, skin rolling and stretching. She customizes each massage session to the individual clients needs. To help release destructive holding patterns and improve overall health.

Amber is born and raised in Anna Maria, Florida. After becoming a mom to her beautiful daughter Milia, she was determined to make health a priority for her daughter and herself. She now offers holistic health coaching to her clients as well.

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