Improve Your Muscle Strength With Chiropractic Care

Individuals need muscles to carry out daily activities. Furthermore, they aid in a person’s performance while engaging in sports. If you often find you are sore and tired, it may be time to visit our office. We’ll help you determine what is going on and why. Many factors play a role in a person’s muscle strength other than brute force, and we examine all aspects to help you build your strength and improve your life. 

Factors That Affect Strength

People measure strength in different ways. One person may look to their endurance when determining their abilities in this area, while another may focus more on their maximum force production. Many moving parts play a role in a person’s strength. The following serve as a few of these parts. 

The size and number of muscle cells in the body affect your strength, as does the muscle’s responsiveness and neural connectivity. The brain must be able to modulate muscle use to create the appropriate force, and your nervous system needs to be able to coordinate muscle force and movement. We examine these areas to see what is lacking and how best to correct any deficiencies. 

Aligning the Spine

The nervous system plays a key role in your strength. That’s the common factor seen in the moving parts mentioned above. Muscle health is important. However, the information entering and exiting each muscle through the nervous system serves a bigger role in its strength. Strong connectivity allows the brain and nervous system to work together efficiently while creating meaningful movement. In addition, this connectivity determines the strength of the muscle while allowing you to live life to the fullest. 

To boost your strength, you need to ensure the spine is properly aligned. When it is, you have good nerve flow. Small changes to the alignment of your spine can have a significant impact on the neural signals that travel through the body. 

When your spine is properly aligned, you can begin strengthening the muscles. To do so, increase the intensity of your workouts or exercise more frequently. Add to the weights you lift or increase the number of reps. Over time, you’ll see that you have more energy for daily activities and don’t become fatigued as easily. 

The Research

Experimental Brain Research published a study on this topic recently. The study examined ten patients, and researchers monitored their muscle contractions prior to and following chiropractic spinal manipulation. They compared the contractions to those taken when the same subjects were involved in a control intervention. 

The researchers learned that spinal manipulation increases maximum muscle contraction by roughly 60 percent. In addition, it led to a boost in the force of the contraction. The force increased by 16 percent following the spinal manipulation. Researchers concluded chiropractic care alters the low-threshold motor units’ net excitability while increasing the cortical drive and preventing fatigue. 

The Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association conducted a similar study. Researchers in this study found that this type of care boosts strength in other ways. They followed a 44-year-old patient struggling with pain and limited range of motion on her upper right side. This led to a decrease in her grip strength and made it challenging for her to pick up objects with her right hand. 

This patient underwent sessions with a chiropractor for roughly eight weeks. Following the treatment, she experienced a decrease in pain and discovered her range of motion broadened. Furthermore, she witnessed an increase in grip strength, and the results were still seen at her two-year follow-up visit. 

These serve as only a few of many studies examining the effects of chiropractic treatment on a person’s strength. Many other research projects have been carried out with similar results. Any person wishing to improve their strength may wish to visit a chiropractor for help in achieving this goal. 

If you are struggling to improve your strength, reach out to our St. Petersburg wellness center today. We want you to live the fullest life possible and will help you overcome any challenges preventing you from doing so. We do so using spinal manipulation and other techniques rather than drugs and surgery and have great success with most patients who walk through our door. We know our limitations, however, and will recommend you to another specialist if advanced care is needed. Your health is our top priority. 

About Radiant Wellness Center:

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