1. Subluxation

Subluxation is a chiropractic term that describes what happens when one or more vertebrae in your spine migrate out of position or your pelvic bones become misaligned. Subluxation occurs when the vertebrae or spinal joints are abnormally separated or misaligned, disrupting nerve communication between the brain and the body. It’s a highly prevalent condition that mostly affects women and those over the age of 40. 

Chiropractic care can correct subluxation and realign crooked vertebrae. If you have this condition and are looking for good St Petersburg chiropractic treatment, look no further than Radiant Wellness Center.

2. Neck Pain and Back Pain

Many people seek medical help  when they experience neck and back pain. Adults of all ages are affected by these serious conditions. People with back and neck pain may have difficulties completing daily chores such as sitting, sleeping, and participating in physical activities.

3. Sciatica

Sciatica is a painful indication of nerve compression that makes it difficult to stand, walk, or sit. Sciatica pain can vary in intensity and manifestation, but it commonly manifests as a chronic discomfort in one buttock that travels down the leg. The leg may become numb or weak as a result of the tingling or burning pain. Chiropractic care has also proven to be very effective in treating this condition, you don’t have to continue to suffer.

4. Migraines

Migraines aren’t like other headaches. They are frequently severe, long-lasting, and incapacitating pains. Migraines are thought to be caused by genetics and surroundings. Chiropractic treatment entails stretching and manipulating the spine, as well as the use of X-rays to determine how the spine may be affecting the patient’s migraine. 

Our St Petersburg Chiropractic center is very experienced with treating migraines. Our natural, non-invasive therapy technique is effective in reducing the discomfort associated with throbbing migraine attacks.

5. Herniated Disc

A herniated disc, also known as a bulging disc, occurs when a disc protrudes beyond its usual radius in the spine. A person with this condition may not realize anything is wrong until the bulging disc pushes on a nerve in the spinal column and causes terrible pain. Herniated discs can cause pain and loss of range of motion depending on where they are located on the spine. 

If you are suffering any from any of the conditions above, make sure to schedule an appointment at our St Petersburg Chiropractic Center today!