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Chiropractic Care for Car Accident Trauma

If you have been in a car accident, you might be surprised to learn that chiropractic care can help you ease your pain without taking any medications. For example, back or neck pain following a car accident could indicate a spinal or whiplash injury. These injuries can have a major, detrimental influence on your health if you do not receive proper treatment. Months, if not years, of persistent discomfort, might result from them.

Chiropractors use a range of techniques to assist reduce pain caused by car accident injuries. Let’s have a look at how chiropractors can assist auto accident victims below:


How Chiropractic Care Can Help with Auto Accident Trauma

1. Chiropractic care helps to reduce inflammation

Microtears in the muscles and ligaments occur as a result of car accidents. These tiny tears are undetectable by X-rays. People who have been in a car accident often endure significant discomfort as a result of such tears. Because X-rays do not indicate fractures, breaks, or other issues, auto accident victims should never believe their health is fine.

Chiropractors in St Petersburg often use spinal manipulations to correct the spinal cord. Anti-inflammatories are released as a result of such maneuvers, which reduce pain and inflammation throughout the body. Pain and inflammation are significantly reduced, which has a significant impact on how auto accident patients feel. Reduced discomfort also makes it easier to move around without experiencing aches and pains.

2. Chiropractic treatment helps to decrease scar tissue

Following the injuries developed by the car accident, scar tissue grows along the muscles within the body. The person feels stiff and uneasy as a result of the tissue damage. Meanwhile, our St Petersburg Chiropractor focuses on damaged areas, breaking up the scar tissue faster than it would recover on its own. They assure that the injured patient feels much better and heals much faster than if the treatment were completely avoided.

3. Chiropractic care lowers discomfort throughout the body for years to come

Chiropractic treatment after a car accident reduces pain throughout the body. A pain-relieving hormone released during spinal manipulations is responsible for this relief. These hormones help to relieve stress on the wounded part(s) of the body both during and after the injury. Furthermore, these hormones aid in the healing of other sections of the body that may have been inflamed before the crash.

4. Chiropractic Care restores mobility after the accident

Mobility is hampered by stiffness and discomfort caused by an auto injury. A spinal adjustment helps to mobilize the spine, improve mobility, and speed up the body’s natural healing process. As a result, visiting a St Petersburg chiropractor following an auto accident injury is a step in the right path toward evaluating problems caused by car accidents and restoring your mobility.


Why Chiropractic Care is Recommended for Auto Accident Trauma

Traditional medicine treats pain symptoms with drugs, whereas chiropractic therapy treats the underlying problem, whether it’s a spinal or whiplash injury. Patients receive instant relief from painkillers, but they do not provide a long-term answer for pain management.

Furthermore, medicine is ineffective in assisting patients in regaining lost mobility following a spine or whiplash injury. Chiropractic therapy not only relieves muscle and nerve pain but also realigns the spine. Corrective exercise and other therapies can help restore the body’s complete range of motion. All these amounts to why chiropractic care is highly recommendable for auto accident trauma.


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